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Convention Center of Dublin (CCD)

Global MedTech Compliance Conference (GMTCC)

We are pleased to announce that the Global MedTech Compliance Conference (GMTCC) 2016 will be held from 24 to 26 May at the Convention Center of Dublin (CCD).

Jointly organised by AdvaMed and MedTech Europe, the GMTCC is the most comprehensive compliance meeting in the MedTech industry globally. The conference is attended by senior industry executives, in-house compliance professionals, legal counsels, healthcare professionals, lawyers, policy-makers and other stakeholders focused on European, national and international anti-corruption and more broadly compliance issues. The conference will cover topics such as Industry's financial support of medical education, Transparency, and Distributors management. Participants will get to discuss these topics at length, in big and small groups and look at approaches to practical and effective management and compliance across the globe.

On, you’ll get the latest updates on the programme, speakers, other attendees and much more. Do not forget to tweet about the event using hash tag #gmtcc!