Education and Training

MedTech Europe has developed the following training and communication material on the new Code of Ethical Business Practice.

1.    Leaflets for Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organisations
MedTech Europe has developed two leaflets outlining the key changes in the new Code aimed at Healthcare Professionals and representatives from Healthcare Organisations, such as for example medical societies and hospitals. 

2.    Training slide-decks
Two training slide-decks are available and give a comprehensive overview of the new MedTech Europe Code as well as information on transposition and implementation: 

3.    Information template presentation for HCOs/PCOs

This training slide-deck gives a comprehensive overview of the new MedTech Europe Code and its potential impact on Healthcare Organisations and Professional Conference Organisers.

4.    Link to national codes

5.    Annual Global Compliance MedTech Conference (GMTCC)

The annual GMTCC is one of the largest initiatives focused on the global compliance issues confronting the medical device and diagnostics industry. This is an association-led and organized initiative to reduce corruption risk and drive global harmonization of compliance laws and enforcement. The conference is designed to educate, stimulate interactive discussions and share best practices on timely global compliance challenges. This conference brings together regulators, industry CEOs, senior compliance professionals, legal officers, both small and large MedTech manufacturers from across the globe, as well as NGOs, physicians associations and outside counsels.

6.    Template Grant Agreement & Template Request Form

These two templates were developed to illustrate how a company Grant Agreements and Grant Request Forms could look like.

7.    Educational Grant process mapping

This chart aims at illustrating the necessary steps for the different parties involved in a Grant Agreement.