Funding and reimbursement


Most medical technologies are paid for by Public Health Authorities, usually within a third-party payer system. 

Funding and reimbursement

Funding and reimbursement

Rewarding Value in funding and reimbursement - Reflection paper

The current paper presents reflections of MedTech Europe, and aims at facilitating the dialogue between industry and funding, and reimbursement decision makers (collectively referred to as “payers”; please see Annex for definition), in order to create an innovation-friendly environment for health

MedTech Europe Position on Community Care

This paper looks at how community care can help to address these challenges. A shift from hospital-based to community care for certain categories of patient could help deliver vital support.

Medical Technology Registries: Six Key Principles

In this paper MedTech Europe suggests six key principles that should apply when European public health authorities request to collect registry/real-world data through means of registries to inform healthcare decisions (e.g.