Country focus groups


MedTech Europe has a number of priority countries established by our boards that are followed by specific country focus groups. These focus groups follow issues related to market access, regulatory convergence, ethics and compliance. They might address laws that affect the industry, like restrictions on medical devices imports, discriminatory procurement rules, and price controls. Currently the country focus groups are for Russia, China, India, Brazil and Middle-East/Africa. 

European MedTech Week Magazine 2015

Two big questions came back in response: What would be the impact? Would there be enough enthusiasm to support this new endeavour?

Eucomed receives fund of USD 846.000 from the Siemens Integrity Initiative to promote good compliance procedures in the Middle East & North Africa region

Brussels, 11 March 2014 - In 2013, Eucomed responded to the Siemens Integrity Initiative by presenting a project that proposed to extend the scope of the Conference Vetting System (CVS), to the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region. On 23 February 2015 Eucomed’s application was accepted and Eucomed received a fund of 846.000 USD over a period of three years to set up the project.