How MedTech ensures patient safety

Patient safety is a priority for the medical technology industry. Our companies develop devices and diagnostics that meet the highest safety standards and support good practice in risk management and infection control.

Adverse events and injuries are a threat to patient safety and the efficient delivery of healthcare. These incidents also erode public confidence in the healthcare system.

Empowered patients with enhanced access to information and training can play an active role in improving their own safety. The industry seeks to work closely with patients to better understand the factors which increase the risk of adverse events, and to develop patient-centred solutions. 

Position paper

Position paper on a patient-centred, affordable and sustainable system for incontinence* aids

Incontinence currently affects millions of Europeans and, as our populations grow older, it will touch the lives of millions more. While Member States are responsible for the funding and delivery of health services, the EU can play an important role in improving patient care in this field by embedding key principles in health systems across Europe.

These include recognising incontinence as a set of diseases, ensuring that all patients affected by incontinence get the care they need, supporting the provision of information to patients about the condition and its treatments, and fostering a patient-centred approach to incontinence care which values transparency and patient choice.

The purpose of the paper is to raise awareness, initiate and facilitate constructive dialogues amongst all stakeholders including patients and their carers, clinicians, payers, policy makers, the industry, and promote efficient collaboration in finding the best potential solutions for incontinence aids.