Market Intelligence - IVD

Reliable market data are indispensable for any highly-innovative industry such as the in vitro diagnostics industry. A timely analysis of challenges and opportunities faced by the industry is in fact vital. 

MedTech Europe and its Market Research Committee, which includes delegates from multiple IVD companies, have therefore developed its IVD related activities on three pillars:

In Vitro Diagnostics Market Intelligence Programmes

The medical diagnostics sector is a dynamic, innovative industry, where market conditions are changing frequently. Therefore it is vitally important that companies remain abreast of the trends and movements that will impact their business environment. Medtech Europe has been following the development of the European IVD market for many years. 

The reports are compiled on a quarterly (GDMS) and monthly (MIS) basis, with data being provided directly by IVD companies. GDMS is essential for marketing departments, as it provides detailed quarterly market reports in 14 European countries, U.S. and Canada. MIS is essential for company management, providing monthly top-line worldwide market reports. Reports are not available for sale and are exclusively available to participating companies.

MedTech Europe’s Market Intelligence  IVD programmes
As part of its service to members, Medtech Europe has developed two invaluable statistical programmes that offer a comprehensive overview of the latest market trends. These are the Global Diagnostic Market Statistics (GDMS, formerly EDMS) and the Management Information System (MIS). They are based on an independent audit of invoiced sales and their objective information serves as a valuable source for decision-making in the IVD industry.

> > Global Diagnostic Market Statistics (GDMS)

The participating companies submit their data based on the parameter level of the Global IVD classification, i.e. the highest level of detail. Currently 14 European countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland and the UK), Canada and the US participate in the programme. Reports are published quarterly for most countries, and twice a year for the reamining countries, providing very detailed insights on market size, market share and market evolution.The consolidated reports are compiled using confidential data from more than 80 companies. This covers in excess of 85% of the IVD market in major European countries and makes the GDMS an invaluable tool for marketing departments.

More information on the GDMS is available here.

> > Management Information System (MIS)

The MIS report is also compiled from confidential company data. In contrast to the GDMS, MIS report is published monthly and provides data with less granularity. This makes the programme ideal for company management. It includes more than 100 product groups reported according to the GIVD class. Currently, members of the 20 participating companies in the MIS have access to market size, trends, and evolution data for total of 69 countries across Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific and South and North America.

More information on the MIS is available here.

The MIS and GDMS reports are not for sale; access is only available to companies who contribute data. For participating companies, there are a number of advantages: 

  • The reports are created in an electronic format. This makes them easy to use and allows easy data manipulation and analysis of figures; 
  • As the reports are based on data provided by companies, a high level of accuracy is guaranteed;
  • The reports are highly cost-effective for those who supply the data, by providing detailed market information which would otherwise need to be sourced from an external supplier.

MedTech Europe and Market Research Committee closely cooperates with industry associations and companies around the world in order to expand the market programmes to other countries so as to build a truly global map of IVD trends and market growth. The  MedTech Europe and Market Research Committee are also working for both programmes to be expanded to emerging markets.

Market Research Committee
Chair: Thierry Vidalenc (Bio-Rad)
Contact person in Secretariat: Teodora Angelova, Market Data Coordinator