Partnerships with Health NGOs around the globe

MedTech Europe helps global health NGOs to maximize access to diagnostics in low income and low-resource settings.

It works with the World Health Organisation, helping determine which diagnostics best meet the needs of UN agencies in the field. It also assists the World Health Assembly in determining the real value of IVDs and how this can be applied in low income and resource countries.

Working with the Expert Committee on Biological Standardization (ECBS) is also critical in the IVD field. The ECBS feeds back information from low resource to high resource countries on major illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and cardiovascular disease. This information is valuable to the diagnostics industry as it results in the development of international standards for key diseases.

Over the past years, the diagnostics arm of MedTech Europe has had the opportunity and privilege to work with the following organisations which cover most of the international efforts in this field:

  • WHO Prequalification of Diagnostics programme (HIV, Malaria, TB)
  • UNITAID – UNITAID uses innovative financing to increase funding for greater access to treatments and diagnostics for HIV/AIDSmalaria and tuberculosis in low-income countries.
  • UNICEF – Specialised in HIV diagnosis in children and neonates.
  • FIND – Foundation for Innovative Diagnostics – focusing on HIV, Tuberculosis, Human African Trypanosomiasis (AKA sleeping sickness), Leishmaniasis and Chagas Diseases (American Tryponosomiasis).
  • Global Fund - Focusing on AIDS, TB and Malaria (have a specific Diagnostic programme and have developed specific quality requirements for these tests)
  • Fondation Mérieux – active in the area of infectious diseases.
  • Medecins Sans Frontieres – HIV, TB, tropical diseases.

These organizations actively invest in access to diagnostics in resource limited settings: