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IPCAA annual seminar on compliance 2015


  • To build on the success of previous seminars, taking full advantage of the multidisciplinary attendance to explore fully the practical application of compliance and ethics to the international healthcare conference environment.
  • For all participants to gain informed understanding of the practical implications of codes, regulations and ethical considerations as applied to international conferences and meetings. 
  • Through active involvement of participants to formulate recommendations and observations which can be made available to responsible bodies including regulators and which the meeting believes will encourage and enhance high quality, compliant and ethical conferences.


Pre-Seminar Conference Compliance Workshop (March 9, 14.30 - 17.30):

This workshop is for participants who are not experts in the codes, regulations and control systems that apply to company participation and support for healthcare conferences. You can learn from and interact with experienced professionals in this field.

IPCAA Annual Seminar on Compliance (March 10, 10.00 - 17.30 and March 11, 09.00 - 12.45):

Whereas in earlier seminars we were mainly learning about codes and their updates, this year´s edition is focused on the practical aspect of compliance. How do I organize a congress implementing all the rules? What are the challenges with transparency? Something is not right at the conference - what happens?

Facilitated Discussion groups

  • Limited to a manageable size, enabling active participation from all involved
  • Groups will normally be mixed to encourage different viewpoints and provide networking facilities, but some topics may be addressed by specific groups where relevant
  • Each group will be asked to provide major comments/recommendations on its topic.


Speakers are being recruited from diverse interest groups such as:

  • Pharmaceutical and healthcare industry regulatory bodies and associations, at both national and international levels
  • Pharmaceutical industry those involved in congress participation directly and also those actively employed in corporate compliance functions
  • Medical society representatives


The event will offer plenty of opportunities for networking amongst the various stakeholder groups


Registration is free of charge to IPCAA members: for non-members the registration fee remains unchanged from last year (475€). 190€ will apply for the pre-seminar on the basics of Compliance. (Accommodation will be arranged based on arrival and departure date indicated during registration process.)