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Czech Republic

IFC global private health conference

In its sixth year, the IFC Global Private Health Conference will gather health care leaders from developed and emerging markets to share knowledge, innovation, and good practices.
The attendees and speakers include private-sector health service providers, pharmaceutical and medical technology manufacturers, national health insurers and policy makers, financiers, supply chain management companies, and professional associations.

The conference will revolve around the theme of Global Challenges: local experiences - Rethinking the Future of Health Care.

Topics include:

  • Total Health System Solutions: Rethinking the Contribution of the Private Sector
  • The Burden Grows Heavier for Developing Countries: Coping with the Impact of Chronic Diseases
  • Globalization in the Health Sector: Adapting Your Business Model for New Markets
  • Medical Technology Innovation: Unlocking the Potential of Diagnostic Technologies
  • Biosimilars: Sustainable Access to Standard of Care Therapy
  • The Essential Element: Averting a Crisis in the Availability of Health Professionals
  • Achieving Synergy through True Public and Private Collaboration
  • Bringing It All Together: The Opportunities in Emerging Markets Today
  • The Game Changers: Predictions for Health Delivery Beyond 2030