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WHA - expert panel on “what will it take to fight the next epidemic?” at World Health Assembly

Healthcare infrastructure limited in resources and manpower has been highlighted as one of the many reasons the 2014 Ebola crisis shook Western Africa and the world. The funding dedicated to combatting the outbreak quickly gave rise to a system of rapid response, yet despite its immense accomplishments, it failed to respond to the problem of patients who not only had the Ebola virus but also those who had prior chronic conditions. This oversight demonstrates a more widespread problem – outbreak infrastructure does not have to be created to only deal with one health threat, it can serve the community throughout crisis times and often be converted to longstanding support.

At this year’s World Health Assembly Diagnostics Briefing organized by GMTA, AdvaMedDx, and EDMA, an expert panel of speakers will explore how infrastructure such as laboratories and clinics can be better managed to help communities in times of great need and be sustained over a longer period of time.

Elements of the panel discussion will cover the following topics:

  • Responding to outbreaks/lessons learned from Ebola
  • Role of central lab
  • Point of care diagnostic tests
  • Mobile communications applications
  • Training personnel
  • Specimen transport