Funding and reimbursement

Funding and reimbursement

Most medical technologies are paid for by Public Health Authorities, usually within a third-party payer system. 

Each European market has its own unique characteristics: in some countries, budgeting and reimbursement decisions are made by regional authorities while in others these are made at national level. Certain countries have separate systems for reimbursement for hospital and community care sectors, and the amount paid for services might differ even within a country. It is challenging to navigate this complex system and medtech companies need to know both the decision-making process and how to engage with key stakeholders.

Amongst other, medtech companies need to know what reimbursement and funding mechanisms are in place, what the requirements to obtain such reimbursements are, and what health authorities, patients, and citizens are willing to pay for. In the medical technology sector, this means understanding payment and reimbursement systems, local policy environments and how healthcare systems are organised. 

MedTech Europe and Funding & Reimbursement 
Medtech Europe is currently partnering with several stakeholders, particularly with payers, to set up a platform for an open dialogue on funding and reimbursement. On the cross border care front, we closely follow the implementation of the EU Cross-Border Healthcare Directive to evaluate its impact on patients’ mobility and better understand the impact on reimbursement provisions.

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