Improving health and transforms lives

Through the use of medical technologies, people can live healthier, more productive and independent lives. Many individuals who previously may have been chronically ill, disabled, or suffering chronic pain can now look forward to leading normal or close-to- normal lives.

Medtech helps patients recover faster than ever: less invasive surgeries, more efficient technology and integrated processes mean much shorter hospital stays today than years ago. Prevention technologies can give early and accurate diagnoses, and help to deter diseases and ailments. Same-day ambulant procedures lower the need for hospitalisation at all.

Medtech has many easy-to-use, personalised technologies and e-solutions, helping people recover and take control of their health, even through their mobile phone. They give patients the power to manage their condition themselves, which is especially important for people living with chronic conditions.

Here are a few examples:

  • Cataracts affect the vision of millions of Europeans. Thankfully there is a solution. Cataract surgery is a well-established procedure which can restore vision. Read more

  • Fractures are common in Europe. When the healing process is not moving forward, technology can accelerate bone repair and stimulate bone growth without surgery. Read more

  • In 2013, there were around 3.2 million patients being treated for kidney failure worldwide. making several trips per week to a dialysis clinic is a considerable inconvenience. Home dialysis cleans the blood in the way that kidneys would but gives patients greater flexibility about when to undergo dialysis. Read more

  • Medical technology allows tailored and personalised care for patients, helping to improve their quality- of- life. Read more

  • In vitro diagnostics (IVDs) are tests used to determine the status of your health. Read more