Enable community care treatment outside the hospital

Europe’s population is growing and ageing at the same time, creating new healthcare challenges. Medical technology can play an important role in helping manage these challenges, with innovations like specialised pain relief and self-management at home.

Download the infographic ‘Medical technologies in community care’.

Medtech reduces waiting times, improves processes and boost patient outcomes. It promises efficiencies that will change the entire healthcare system. Read more

Medical technology helps doctors make faster, more accurate decisions, which means healthcare resources are used more efficiently.

For example, doctors can make better decisions and speed the healing process for burn victims Andpersonalized medicine techniques such as genome sequencing can reveal mutations in DNA that influence diseases ranging from cystic fibrosis to cancer. Read more

Self-management lets people take control of their health.  Information is power: patient self-management will be a key factor in helping to manage costs and ensuring our healthcare systems are sustainable in the long-term.

People with diabetes for example can track their blood sugar through medical technology. Read more