Impacting society as a whole

Technologies like minimally invasive surgeries are not just about raising the chances of successful procedures. They can mean shorter recovery times, fewer complications and a faster return to an independent lifestyle – turning patients from being passive receivers of healthcare towards the active managers of their own health.

Here are some of the ways medical technology improves the healthcare experience:

  • Medtech helps to get people back to work and helps to reduce time, worry and money spent dealing with health setbacks. Read more

  • Medtech lets patients manage their conditions at home or in other non-hospital settings. User-friendly home dialysis equipment is simple enough for people of any age to set up on themselves, and cleans the blood at a time that is convenient, enabling them more time to engage in work, study and family life.
  • Medtech allows patients to continue generating their own income and contribute to their social security and pension schemes. They can contribute to the good health that is essential for a productive workforce and support the collective societal wellbeing by providing solutions for the entire population to live healthier.

  • Medical technology allows patients to continue enjoying productive lives. They can people to leave the hospital faster and manage their conditions. Indeed, the entire community gains when it has a healthier population.