MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice

MedTech Europe recognises that compliance with applicable laws and regulations as well as adherence to ethical standards are both an obligation and a critical step to the achievement of the aforementioned goals and can enhance the reputation and success of the medical technology industry.

The Code sets out the minimum standards appropriate to the various types of activities carried out by the Members. The Code is not intended to supplant or supersede national laws or regulations or professional codes (including company codes) that may impose more stringent requirements upon Members and all Members should independently ascertain that their activities comply with all current national and local laws, regulations and professional codes.

Furthermore, Member Companies must be mindful of the fact that they may be liable for the activities of third party intermediaries who interact with Healthcare Professionals or Healthcare Organisations in connection with the sale, promotion or other activity involving Member Companies’ products. Accordingly, it is recommended that where such arrangements are entered into, the relevant contractual documentation impose obligations upon the third party (for example, third party sales & marketing intermediaries (SMIs), consultants, distributors, sales agents, marketing agents, brokers, commissionaire commercial agents and independent sales representatives) to comply with provisions set out in the Code or equivalent guidelines.