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Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel and Conference Center

Annual European Medical Technology Strategy Forum

Product innovation has long been the engine for sustainable success for medical technology companies. However, with constrained
healthcare budgets, procurement de-bundling off ers, and price cuts, maximizing the full value of your existing product is a must, but
not practiced enough in view of today’s market environment and digitalization trend.
Successful medical technology companies are now rethinking their business models and focusing on monetization and digitalization
strategies for product development. This is not only limited to working on the value of your current off er, but also looking at services
and complete solutions to customer critical problems as a way to expand business opportunities, particularly around digitalization.
Yet many companies have not successfully managed to capitalize on these opportunities.
At Simon-Kucher & Partners' European Medical Technology Strategy Forum in Frankfurt, experts from Simon-
Kucher & Partners along with an external industry speaker and industry panelists will present insights and practical solutions
for monetizing innovation.

Attending the forum will offer you food for thought and insights on:

  • Current trends in the medical technology space and why monetizing innovation is important
  • How to get the basics right and maximize the full value of your product
  • How to capture the value of services through enhanced monetization strategies
  • How to move your traditional business model to a complete customer oriented solution
  • How to take advantage of the digitalization revolution
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