MedTech Europe Team

Chief Executive Officer

Serge Bernasconi

Chief Executive Officer
MedTech Europe
+32 2 772 22 12

Mr Bernasconi has more than 30 years experience in the world of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, working in companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Schering Plough in US and Europe, and more recently Medtronic.

In his capacity as President & International Regional Vice President of Medtronic France, he was elected President of APIDIM (The French Association for the Promotion of Innovation in Medical Devices), and Vice President and Treasurer of SNITEM (French Medical Technology Industry Association). 

Regulations & Industrial Policy

Oliver Bisazza

Director Regulations & Industrial Policy
MedTech Europe
+32 2 775 92 32 | 

Oliver Bisazza joined MedTech Europe in August 2017. He comes to us from Medtronic, where he served since 2014 as Director of Regulatory Policy for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In this role, he was also highly active within MedTech Europe, leading and participating in numerous committees and stakeholder alliances. 

Prior to joining Medtronic, Oliver was Technical and Regulatory Affairs Manager at COCIR, the European association for the radiological, electromedical and healthcare IT industries. His career in Brussels started with 4 years of progressively responsible regulatory roles within EDANA, the industry association for the nonwovens and related industries.

A dual national of Australia and Malta, Oliver has a Masters degree in Economic Sciences from the University of Wales, where his research focused on European legislative systems and their preparedness for emerging public health threats.

Petra Zoellner

Senior Manager Regulations and Industrial Policy
MedTech Europe
+32 2 777 02 75

Petra has several years’ experience working with major US and international companies both for a trade association and in-house. She gained most of her experience at the American Chamber of Commerce to the EU (AmCham EU), where she headed up the policy team working on both legislative and regulatory issues. Her healthcare policy experience comes both from the AmCham EU and the government affairs team of Genzyme. As an American-German raised in Denmark, Petra is a native English speaker with good Danish and German and intermediate French.

Dario Pirovano

Senior Regulatory Adviser - Consultant
MedTech Europe
+32 2 775 92 22

Dario Pirovano been a consultant for regulatory affairs with Eucomed since 2002. He worked in the European Commission for 4 years, where he contributed to the drafting and negotiating of the 90/385 /EEC and 93/42/EEC directives.

Dario has over 30 years experience in medical technology as designer and regulatory affairs expert. In 1995 he founded Pirovano Management SPRL, a consulting firm advising manufacturers, Notified Bodies and authorities in regulatory matters relating to medical technology.

Dario can be considered the historical memory of the development of medical devices regulation in Europe. He holds a Doctorate in Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano. An Italian national, Dario is fluent in French and English.

Merlin Rietschel

Senior Manager Regulations and Industrial Policy
MedTech Europe
+32 2 775 92 23

Merlin Rietschel is currently the leading coordinator of activities related to Notified Bodies at MedTech Europe. He previously held the position of Senior Manager in MedTech Europe’s Regulations and Industrial Policy department. He joined Eucomed (now MedTech Europe) in January 2011 and worked for the Regulations and Industrial Policy department. He also held various positions within international pharmaceutical companies (Bristol-Myers Squibb and GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals) and at the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in London, UK. Overall he has over 11 years of experience in the field of European regulatory affairs, and in the pharma sector dealt successfully with an extensive number of regulatory submissions in life-cycle management and with marketing authorisation applications.

Merlin was raised in Germany where he received a French/German multicultural education. He also lived in the United States and has lived in Belgium since 1995. He has a Masters degree in pharmaceutical science from the Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium, as well as a post-graduate degree in pharmaceutical industry. A German and French national, he is also fluent in English.

Katalin Máté

Manager Regulations and Industrial Policy
MedTech Europe
+32 2 777 02 76

Katalin Máté joined former EDMA in 2010 and she is part of the Regulations & Industrial Policy of MedTech Europe since 2016. With her projects she focuses on the implementation of the Unique Device Identification, the development of the Eudamed database, Vigilance & Post Market Surveillance (IVD) and IVD grouping related issues.

Being a Hungarian national, she has a high command of English and has an intermediate level of French and German.

Kira Meyerovich

Manager Regulations & Industrial Policy
MedTech Europe

+32 2 775 92 21

Kira has joined MedTech Europe in August 2016 as part of the Regulations & Industrial Policy team. She holds a PhD degree in Biomedical and Pharmaceutical sciences from Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium) and has 6+ years of experience in cancer and diabetes research. For more than 3 years she was the Assistant Editor and later Co-Editor in academic publishing house De Gruyter.

A German national, she speaks fluent English and Russian and has a good understanding of French and Dutch.

Nathalie Buijs

Manager Regulations and Industrial Policy
MedTech Europe
32 496 92 58 78

Nathalie Buijs joined MedTech Europe in September 2017. She started her career working for SPECTARIS, one of MedTech’s German member associations. She gained further experience in EU policy-making and environmental affairs at the European Federation of Waste Management and Environmental Services (FEAD) and as a consultant on Product Stewardship at ARCADIS.

Nathalie holds a Master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Antwerp and a Master’s in European Studies from the University of Hamburg. At MedTech Europe, she focuses on environmental and chemicals regulations. Nathalie is Belgian and speaks Dutch, French, English and German.

Jana Moravcova

Jana Moravcova

Manager Regulations and Industrial Policy
MedTech Europe

Jana has a diverse EU policy and advocacy experience, including from the European institutions and member based European association. Most notably she worked for several years for a patient organization, where she focused on access to healthcare in the EU and rights of patients. Jana holds a Master’s degree from the University of Edinburgh. She joined MedTech Europe in May 2018 and is now responsible for activities related to Labelling, Reuse and Borderline. Jana is Czech and speaks fluent English, Spanish, Italian and Czech. She also has an intermediate level of French and a decent level of German.

Nada Alkhayat

Nada Alkhayat

Officer Regulations & Industrial Policy
MedTech Europe
+32 27759225

Nada holds a Master’s degree in European Law and Policies with a specialisation in Pharmaceutical and Health Policies from the European College of Parma. Prior to such, she completed a Master and a Bachelor in Pharmaceutical Life Sciences. After finishing her studies, she gained experience at the European Commission (DG SANTE), the European Parliament and a Brussels-based consultancy. She is American/Bulgarian/Syrian, speaks fluent English and Arabic and has advanced levels in both French and Italian. 

Market Access & Economic Policies

Yves Verboven

Director Market Access and Economic Policies
MedTech Europe
+32 2 761 22 86

Following a period of Clinical Engineering, Director clinical outcomes and research at Intermedics and Medtronic working in the field of Cardiac Rhythm Management and Heart Failure Management, Yves used to work for Alcon as Assistant Director Health Economics responsible for eye care Pharmaceutical as well as medical devices products. During these 20 years first in human testing was performed and clinical and health economic proof was developed  to demonstrate the value of multiple health technologies.

Yves holds a Master in Electro-Mechanical Engineer from the Catholic University of Leuven, a post-graduate  in Business Administration and multiple patents and publications.

A Belgian national with Dutch mother tongue, Yves is fluent in English and French, with a working knowledge of German. 

Zuzana Pisano

Manager Market Access & Economic Policies
MedTech Europe
+32 2 775 92 38

Zuzana Pisano (Fikarova) joined Eucomed (now MedTech Europe) in March 2010 as an assistant. In February 2011, she became Economic Affairs Officer and in February 2014 Manager Market Access and Economic Policies, a role in which she is responsible for leading, planning, coordinating, and executing projects and monitoring, reporting market access environment across Europe. With her projects she focuses on topics of HTA, funding, reimbursement, procurement, community/home care and other relevant market access topics.

After studying Economics at Mendel University, Czech Republic, she obtained her Masters in International Management at ICHEC Business School, Brussels. A Czech national, Zuzana is fluent in English and French.

Sophie Koettlitz

Manager Market Access & Economic Policies
MedTech Europe
+32 474 888 961

Sophie joined Eucomed in April 2009, following several years as Coordinator for Regulatory and Trade Affairs for another European Trade Association, the European Cocoa Association.

She worked for a year as Executive Assistant to the Eucomed Chief Executive and the Human Resources and Administration Manager and for four years as Project Coordinator for the European Health Technology Institute for Socio-Economic Research (EHTI -  an independent research institute aimed at developing data and evidence on the social and economic value of medical technology and its impact on the economy and welfare of European countries).

In September 2014, she became Manager Market Access and Economic Policies, a role in which she is responsible for leading, planning, coordinating, and executing projects and monitoring, reporting market access environment across Europe. With her projects she focuses on topics of (public) procurement and other relevant market access topics.

Sophie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Brussels and an MBA from the University of New Orleans, Louisiana. A Belgian national and native French speaker, Sophie is also fluent in English.

Jessica Imbert

Manager Market Access and Economic Policies
MedTech Europe 
+32 2 300 96 47

Jessica Imbert joined MedTech Europe in June 2017 as Manager Market Access and Economic Policies. Jessica has been working in EU affairs since 2008 and was free-lance consultant before joining the MedTech team.

Jessica holds a Master in European and International Law from the Law School of Grenoble and a Bachelor in Public Law from the Law School of Lyon in France. French native speaker, Jessica is also fluent in English.

Market Data

Cristian Manoiu

Senior Manager Market Data
MedTech Europe
+32 2 761 22 80

Cristian Manoiu joined Eucomed in 2003. Following a number of administrative and project-related duties, he now, having joined MedTech Europe in 2013, works as a Senior Manager Market Data.

He is responsible for gathering, analysing and publishing economic data about the medical technology industry in Europe, as well as managing and coordinating the work of the data department related to the market surveys.

Cristian holds an engineering degree from the Politehnica University of Bucharest, and a Masters in Environmental Sciences from the Free University of Brussels. A native Romanian, he is fluent in English and French.

Teodora Angelova

Coordinator Market Data
MedTech Europe
+32 2 777 02 74

Teodora joined MedTech Europe in September 2015 as Data Officer. She has 3 years of experience in market research in the field of medical technology and treatment options. Prior to that she worked in the Finance Risk Management Department in CSMS Ltd. – an IT and Marketing Services company. During her studies, Teodora did internship programs at New Bulgarian University and UNDP Bulgaria, where she had both administrative and research tasks.

She has Bachelor/Master degree in Political Sciences and International Relations and she followed an Advanced Master’s programme in Governance and Development at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. 

Teodora is native Bulgarian, she is fluent in English and has good knowledge of French and Dutch.

András Kőrizs

Officer Market Data
MedTech Europe
+32 2 761 22 81

Andras joined MedTech Europe in April 2016 as Market Data Officer.

During his experience of 8 years he worked in a multi-cultural environment, including being part of a team establishing a life insurance company in Hungary, managing and supervising its Romanian subsidiary and being a consultant at Mercer Belgium. Prior to joining MedTech he worked as a Data Consultant for the European Association of Pharmaceutical Full-Line Wholesalers.

He holds a Master’s degree of Actuarial Sciences at Corvinus University of Budapest.

A Hungarian national, he speaks fluent English and has a good understanding of German and Dutch, and a basic understanding of French. 

Orsolya Küttel

Officer Market Data
MedTech Europe

+32 485 390 774

Orsolya joined MedTech Europe in September 2018 as Market Data Officer.

She has two years of experience in the field of EU funding: following a traineeship at Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy of the European Commission, she worked as a consultant supporting both private and public sector clients in the implementation of their business strategies linked to EU funding. During her studies she also worked as a trainee for GIRP, the European Healthcare Distribution Association.

She has Bachelor’s degrees in International Relations and International Business Economics at Corvinus University of Budapest, and she holds a Master’s degree in European Studies at KU Leuven.

A Hungarian national, she speaks fluent English and German, and she also has a basic knowledge of French and Dutch.

Legal & Compliance

Aline Lautenberg

Director Legal & Compliance - General Counsel
MedTech Europe
+32 2 761 22 82

Aline Lautenberg is MedTech Europe's Legal Counsel. She joined Eucomed in February 2004, as Economic and Legal Affairs manager, after having worked as a consultant for over two years for a consultancy specialised in reimbursement of medical technologies. Since May 2013, she is also responsible for EMDA and MedTech Europe's legal and compliance matters.

Aline is responsible for advising on the three organisations' contractual, regulatory and statutory obligations and assisting the Eucomed, EDMA and MedTech Europe Chief Executive and the respective Boards of Directors in management decision processes with robust risk assessments within the framework of the Eucomed, EDMA and MedTech Europe strategies. Moreover, Aline supports Eucomed and EDMA members on all legal, ethics and healthcare compliance issues. This includes the overall planning and management of legal and compliance groups and activities of the three organisations.

Aline has a Master's Degree in Law from the University of Louvain-la-Neuve in Belgium, and has been a member of the Belgian "Institut des juristes d'entreprise" (IJE) since 2009. A Swiss and German national, she speaks fluent English, German and French, and has a good understanding of Italian.  

Ceren Aral Desnos

Interim Director Legal & Compliance (Consultant)
MedTech Europe
+33 7 62780087

Ceren Aral Desnos will be acting as MedTech Europe's Interim Director of Legal and Compliance in 2018 providing assistance to the organization on legal, ethics and healthcare compliance issues, taking on Aline Lautenberg’s role during her maternity leave.

Ceren is a life sciences lawyer with over 8 years of experience in advising medtech and pharma multinationals on a wide range of topics including contracts, transactions, pricing and reimbursement, distribution channels, competition law and IP protection. She is an expert on regulatory compliance and anti-corruption practices emphasizing on interactions with healthcare professionals, relations with third party providers, tender procedures, advertising/promotion activities and product liability. Representing trade associations at both national and EU level, she has been involved in policy discussions with MedTech Europe and EFPIA over the past years.

Ceren has a Master's Degree in Law from the University of London in the UK and is admitted as attorney at law to Istanbul and Paris Bars. She is a regional representative of the International Bar Association’s (IBA) Anti-Corruption Committee and a member of International Society of Healthcare Ethics and Compliance Professionals (ETHICS).  Ceren speaks fluent Turkish, English and French.  

Pablo Rojas Abad

Manager Legal & Compliance
MedTech Europe
+32 2 775 92 31

Pablo holds a  BA degree in Law and an LLM degree in International Economic Law. After finishing his LLM he did an internship in a Spanish Law firm, after which he moved to Brussels to do another traineeship in the Legal Service of the Council of the European Union. A Spanish national, he is fluent in English, and has a good basic knowledge of French.

Clarisse Aillet

Consultant Medical Education & Training
MedTech Europe

Clarisse Aillet has been working in Brussels for 12 years both in private and public sectors, gathering an extensive experience in EU public affairs, corporate communications, crisis management, social media and stakeholder management. As an external consultant, she is supporting MedTech Europe by leading the outreach to medical societies and steering the joint discussions on the future of medical education in the context of the new Code of Ethics. She is also in charge of the Ethical Charter initiative designed to raise awareness of industry’s ethical standards and provides support in various Training areas as well.

Shannon Zeigler

Coordinator Legal & Compliance
MedTech Europe
+32 2 300 96 41

Shannon joined MedTech Europe in August 2017.  She holds a Juris Doctor (JD) degree from American University and an LLM degree in European Union Law from the VUB.  Before moving to Brussels, she spent nearly two years working in the legal and compliance department of a financial institution in Washington, D.C.  After obtaining her LLM she worked as an associate in a Belgian law firm focusing on international trade and regulatory issues.

Shannon is a member of the New York bar.  A U.S. national, she is also fluent in Spanish.

Caterina Marcon

Intern Legal and Compliance
MedTech Europe

Caterina joined MedTech Europe in February 2018. She holds a Magister Iuris from the University of Innsbruck. She did different Internships in the Public Administration, among other she spends some months in Rome working at a Foreign Office were she participated at the hearings of the Italian Parliament and monitored the legislative proposals. She moved to Brussels for a traineeship at a Representation Office.

An Italian native, Caterina is fluent in German and English.

International Affairs

Jesús Rueda Rodríguez

Director International Affairs
MedTech Europe
+32 2 777 02 75

Jesús heads the International Affairs team. He is involved in the work at the international level acting as representative to WHO, ISO and as liaison to other associations on all regulatory matters.

Directly involved in the discussions on the revision and recast of the IVD Directive, he previously lead the regulatory debates that affect IVDs at EU level until 2016.

A Spanish national with a biochemistry background, he is also fluent in English and French.

Diana Kanecka

Manager International Affairs
MedTech Europe
+32 2 761 22 89

Diana Kanecka works with the International Affairs team at MedTech Europe. Previously, Diana’s focus within MedTech Europe concerned medical devices and chemicals legislation. She holds a Postgraduate Diploma in European Union Law from the King’s College of London and a Master's degree in Interdisciplinary European Studies/European Single Market from the College of Europe. Diana has a strong interest in trade policy and regulatory topics. She was also an active member of the European Health Parliament project where she worked with the 'economic dimension of healthcare' committee on development of recommendations on the future of healthcare systems.

External Affairs

Tanja Valentin

Director External Affairs
MedTech Europe
+32 2 775 92 36

Tanja leads the External Affairs team at Medtech Europe. She is responsible for both internal and external Communication as well as for the organisation’s Government Affairs & Public Policy work.

She leads her team to create integrated public affairs and communication strategies and drive their efficient implementation. Her goal is to make Medtech’s voice heard by European policy makers and to demonstrate the value that medical technologies provide in achieving affordable, accessible and sustainable healthcare for citizens in Europe.

Tanja has almost 20 years of experience in European policy making covering the areas of environment, finance, military cooperation and health, both inside and around the EU institutions. She is an economist by training and has studied in Cologne and Dublin. Tanja is a German national and also speaks English and French.

Tanja’s key drivers include a curiosity for learning and striving for synergies. Her passion is to bring together people with different perspectives, functions and expertise to create better results than any one person could achieve alone.

When she is not working you can find Tanja experiencing adventures with her daughter, singing or exploring nature.

Valentina Laurenzia Ancona

Senior Manager Government Affairs and Public Policy
MedTech Europe
+32 2 761 22 88

Valentina Laurenzia Ancona has been a Policy Analyst in the Brussels office of Covington & Burling LLP.  She worked on regulatory matters for pharmaceutical, medical devices, cosmetics, and food companies.  She covered Italian and European food and drug law, including: medical devices, clinical trials, labeling and promotion, pharmaceuticals, marketing and manufacturing authorizations of medicinal products.

She received her University Degree on International and Diplomatic Sciences, cum laude in 2007 from Università di Trieste and her Master Degree from the College of Europe in 2008.

An Italian native, Valentina is fluent in English and French.

Jerick Parrone

Senior Manager Communications
MedTech Europe
+32 2 775 92 30

Jerick Parrone is a Senior Manager at MedTech Europe where he drives the digital advocacy, internal communications, reputation management and media relations of the association. He also leads the communication projects of the association on its various policy priorities.

Jerick has over 10 years of communications experience and has joined MedTech Europe in 2015. Before joining MedTech Europe, he worked as an account manager for ZN Consulting, an award winning digital consultancy for global organizations. He lead digital campaigns for global and European clients including Microsoft, Huawei, CEFIC, EPP and the EPP Group. In addition, he also worked for the communications team of the Microsoft EU Affairs office in Brussels, Belgium and the consulting firm Fleishman-Hillard in the Philippines.

Jerick graduated cum laude with a degree in Journalism from the University of the Philippines-Diliman. He speaks fluent English and Filipino.

Tímea Rezi-Kató

Manager Government Affairs & Public Policy
MedTech Europe
+32 2 777 02 77

Tímea joined MedTech Europe in November 2015, as a part of the Government Affairs & Public Policy Team.Tímea previously worked at Johnson & Johnson’s Government Affairs & Policy team for over 2 years. Prior to that, she worked on healthcare-related issues in a Brussels-based consultancy, where she followed different files, including patient safety and e-health-related matters.

Tímea holds a Master of Science degree from the University of Maastricht, in the field of Health Policy, Innovation and Management. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in European Public Health from the same University. 
A Hungarian national, Tímea speaks fluent English and has a good knowledge of French.

Marie-Hélène Lattes

Manager Communications
MedTech Europe
+32 2 777 02 78

Marie-Hélène Lattes joined MedTech Europe in August 2015 as Communications Manager where she is responsible for leading the MedTech Week, as well as the policy blog MedTech Views and the public awareness blog This is MedTech.

She has more than 10 years of experience working with professional associations in major industries: healthcare, pharmaceutical, engineering. 

Her previous professional experience includes leading the World Diabetes Day campaign for the International Diabetes Federation managing the strategy, the digital aspects of the campaign as well as stakeholders’ relations and working as Communications & Consultant Manager for professional associations for the MCI Group.

Marie-Hélène has a Master of Arts in International Politics from the ULB (Free University of Brussels, Belgium), a graduate degree in International Management from the ESSEC Business School (Cergy-Pontoise, France) and a Diploma in Latin American studies from the Sorbonne University (Paris, France).

A French national, Marie-Hélène speaks English fluently and has a good command of Spanish. 

Kalina Bozhkova

Manager Government Affairs & Public Policy
MedTech Europe
+32 2 77 70 279

Kalina Bozhkova joined MedTech Europe in August 2017. Before that, she has spent 5 years with Microsoft, starting at the Corporate Social Responsibility team and later joining the Microsoft EU Government Affairs team. There she was focusing on digital policy issues around artificial intelligence and robotics, data protection, eHealth and ethical use of medical data, and was managing the relations of Microsoft with European academia. Genuinely enthusiastic about the MedTech sector and the progress of digital healthcare, she is a firm believer in the positive impact of technology on social and economic development.

Kalina holds a bachelor degree in International Economic Relations from the University of National and World Economy in Sofia, Bulgaria, and has gone through an academic immersion in International Relations at the University of Arkansas, USA.

A Bulgarian native, Kalina is fluent in English and has a good level of French. 

Giulia Meneghin

Communications Officer
MedTech Europe

Giulia Meneghin joined MedTech Europe in September 2015.
In her past, she coordinated marketing projects and worked in events organization and sales. 
Her responsibilities include development and coordination of digital campaigns, newsletters, content creation and events communications.

She holds a Master’s degree in International Relations from the University of Bologna and a Bachelor’s degree in Language Mediation and Intercultural Communication from the University of Milan.  

An Italian national, she speaks fluent English and Spanish, has a good knowledge of Chinese and German, and a basic understanding of French.

Gianluca Peinetti

Communications Officer
MedTech Europe
+3 223 00 96 48

Gianluca joined MedTech Europe in September 2017. He previously worked for an Italian regional authority in Brussels, implementing policy and communication projects and assisting the regional Presidency.

His responsibilities at MedTech Europe include developing the organization’s digital efforts, managing the website and social media pages, and providing ad-hoc communication support to the organization’s departments.

Gianluca holds a Master’s degree in Languages for International cooperation and communication from the Catholic University of Milan and a Bachelor’s degree in Interpreting and communication from IULM Milan.

An Italian national, he speaks fluent English, French and Spanish.

Sonja Kropidlowska

Coordinator Government Affairs & Public Policy
MedTech Europe
+32 2 300 96 49

Sonja Kropidlowska joined Eucomed in March 2011 as an assistant, a role in which she is responsible for executing all-round related tasks for various Eucomed activities. She joined MedTech Europe in May 2013.

After studying International Hotel Management, Brussels/Belgium, she put her all round management knowledge into action as an executive assistant for the SVP of Supply Chain at Levi Strauss & Co., allowing her to develop experience in administration and event organization. A German national, Sonja is fluent in Polish, English, Spanish and French & has a notion of Dutch.

Albina Tzintoli

Communications Intern
MedTech Europe

Albina joined MedTech Europe in June 2018. She is a digital marketing professional with more than 4 years work experience in e-commerce and online advertising. She holds a bachelor in Marketing & Communications from Athens University of Economics & Businees and has experience in social media, paid advertising, email campaigns, SEO and analytics. In the past she joined a couple of different size companies and organizations in Greece among them United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees and Gregorys, which is in the top ten of biggest coffee shop chains in Europe.

If she is not reading articles and attending events trying to catch up with the latest in her field, she is probably planning her next trip ready for a new adventure.

Giovanni Dalle Nogare

Intern Government Affairs and Public Policy
MedTech Europe

Giovanni joined MedTech Europe as Government Affairs Trainee in September 2018. He previously worked for NATO Defense College, the European Commission and for the Council of Europe, where he gained experience in research, communication, and policy planning. While at the Council of Europe, Giovanni worked on the impact of algorithms and artificial intelligence on human rights, and the possible scenarios for a technology-driven society.

He is a firm believer of the empowering effects of technology as a catalyst for progress within the health sector.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from LUISS University and a master’s degree in International Security, with a specialization in cybersecurity in the European Union, from the University of Warwick. An Italian national, he speaks Italian, English, and French.

Digital Health

Michael Strübin

Director Digital Health
MedTech Europe
+32 2 761 22 85

Michael Strübin joined MedTech Europe in September 2018 to help develop the industry’s voice in the digital health field and to represent MedTech Europe’s members vis-à-vis digital health policymakers and stakeholders.

Michael came to us from the Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHAlliance), an international association of health and technology companies, governments and research organisations to advance personal connected health, where he led European policy and advocacy activities and managed the involvement in EU-funded projects. Before PCHAlliance, he ran the European operations of the Continua Health Alliance, and contributed to other associations in the eHealth field.

Michael’s educational background is in political sciences and humanities, which he studied in Germany and the United States. He spent the first years of his career in the fields of international social development and philanthropy, working in Washington, Warsaw, Berlin and Baltimore. Since 2003 he has been based in Brussels where he lives with his family.

HR & Finance

Nicolas Van Mele

Director Finance, HR & Operations
MedTech Europe
+32 2 775 92 37

Nicolas Van Mele joined Eucomed in October 2012 as Financial Controller, after 10 years in Finance working for Belgian and multinational companies in Brussels and Italy. He joined MedTech Europe in May 2013.

Nicolas holds a Master in Finance and a Master in Marketing from Solvay Business School (ULB, Belgium).

A Belgian national with French mother tongue, Nicolas is fluent in English, Dutch and Italian.

Patricia De Buyl

Senior Manager HR & Finance
MedTech Europe

Patricia De Buyl first joined EDMA in 1993 and was the Office Manager of the Association since 1996. She was responsible for the organisation and coordination of office operations, procedures and resources in order to ensure organisational effectiveness and efficiency while supervising the office staff.

Since November 2014 Patricia is the responsible person for all HR issues at MedTech Europe.

Patricia is a Belgian national and has a Master in Journalism and Communication. She is fluent in French, English and Dutch. 

Membership Services and Events

Christopher Breyel

Director MD Member Relations & MedTech Europe Events
MedTech Europe
+32 2 761 22 84

Christopher Breyel joined Eucomed in January 2011. Over the last 10 years, he had a number of positions in international business fields. He has also held management positions in business development within multinational companies, trade associations and EU bodies/associations. He joined MedTech Europe in May 2013.

Christopher holds a Masters degree from the Universite Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) in Brussels, Belgium. A German national, Christopher speaks fluent English, French, Dutch and has good basic knowledge of Italian.

Jean-Noël Bouillon

Director IVD Member Relations
MedTech Europe
+32 2 775 92 24

Jean-Noël Bouillon joined MedTech Europe in October 2017 as Director IVD Members Relations. He has more than 25 years of experience in the IVD industry and in the Healthcare sector.

Jean-Noël spent five years as Deputy Managing Director at the IVD French association (SIDIV) where he gained a large multidisciplinary expertise of IVDs and excellent knowledge of the IVDR files.

His professional history includes also positions such as Training, Development and Communication Manager in a leading IVD company (Siemens) and as Expert Support Group and Training Centre Manager at Dade Behring.

Jean-Noël holds a Doctorate of Pharmacy degree (PharmD.), at Poitiers University (France), and a Post-graduate Diploma (DEA) in Physiology and Pharmacology, at Bordeaux University (France).

He has a French citizenship and he is fluent in English and has good basic knowledge in Spanish.“

Laurence Couturier

Manager Events
MedTech Europe
+32 2 775 92 26

Laurence Couturier is Events Manager at MedTech Europe since May 2013. Her main role is to manage all aspects of MedTech Europe flagship events: The MedTech Forum and the CEO Summit.

She joined Eucomed in October 2005 as an assistant, moving to the Economic Affairs team in December 2006. In that role, she coordinated the Economic Affairs (HTA, Reimbursement, Procurement) and Community Care groups. In March 2011, Laurence moved to the Communications team and started to focus on events.

Laurence holds a degree in Translation from the ILMH (Institut Libre Marie-Haps). She is a Belgian national and native French speaker and is fluent in English.


Caroline Raets

Manager Administration
MedTech Europe
+32 2 772 22 25

Caroline Raets joined the Association in April 2005. She manages and coordinates the day-to-day work of the administrative department MedTech Europe, also serving the membership on general issues and acting as a hub for information on the Association and the Secretariat activities.

Caroline Raets has a double nationality Belgian/Italian with French mother tongue. She speaks Italian, English, German and Dutch. 

Rie Santos

Executive Assistant to CEO
MedTech Europe
+32 2 761 22 87

Rie Santos joined Eucomed in June 2008 as a general assistant, becoming Administrative Assistant in March 2010. Rie’s responsibilities include providing administrative support to the Secretariat by performing overall technical, accounting and administrative functions, facilitating communication and coordination within the team, and liaising with and supporting the Eucomed membership. She is also the Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive.

Rie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from St. Paul University in Manila. A Belgian national, she is fluent in English, and has a good knowledge of Dutch and Japanese.

Aurélie Godet

All-round Assistant
MedTech Europe
+32 2 772 22 12

Aurélie Godet joined MedTech Europe in June 2017. As an all-round assistant, she helps with the day-to-day management of the office, providing administrative support as well as welcoming members and visitors.

Aurélie studied tourism, economy and English. She has worked in administration, first as an administrative assistant, then as a secretary/personal assistant, for more than 15 years in several banks/assurance, a commercial company and non-profit organisations in Belgium. Moreover, she has a 2-year experience in a managerial position in a school. She has also been very active as a coordinator in an international volunteering environment with people from several cultural backgrounds.

Through her different experiences, she had the opportunity to work with people from India, USA, Quebec, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland and France.

Aurélie speaks fluently French and English, has very basic knowledge of Spanish, Hindi and Dutch.