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Value-Based Healthcare in Diabetes

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Diabetes is a long-term, chronic condition with a high prevalence in society and with a complex picture of medical complications that people with diabetes can develop. Therefore, governments need to take decisions on long-term investment in resources for diabetes prevention, diagnosis and treatment. MedTech Europe believes that using the principles of value-based healthcare in diabetes would help healthcare systems to deploy resources in the smartest way possible.

Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC) is providing a holistic approach that delivers best outcomes for patients, healthcare staff, providers and society in a cost-effective way. Here we look into how this system could be applied in the area of diabetes.

  • People with diabetes: we want to ensure the latest technology and best treatment options get to people with diabetes so that their quality of life is improved and their clinical outcomes are better.
  • Governments: we want to refocus governments on the longer-term to ensure holistic diabetes management, ultimately seeing them shift budgets from complications management toward prevention management and generating better patient outcomes.
  • Buyers: we want people buying diabetes technology to accept that, in diabetes, paying less does not always equate to lower cost.
  • HCPs: we want to allow doctors, nurses, pharmacists and families to be able to make better decisions, feel less stressed and cope better with this long-term, chronic condition
  • Our industry: we want to ensure business remains viable, able to invest in research and innovation as we and others work to minimise the burden of diabetes management

What is the ecosystem of digitally enabled diabetes care?

Using the power of data and digital connectivity, digitally enabled medical technologies in diabetes facilitate self-management, strengthen interactions with care teams, and improve outcomes and quality of life for people with diabetes.

The digital transformation of diabetes care is not achievable with medical technologies alone, however. It requires policymakers and health systems to actively support their usage.

Learn more about the ecosystem of digitally enabled diabetes care in our latest infographic.

Did you ever wonder how medical technology in diabetes care advanced over time? Watch here:

Value-based healthcare could improve the lives of people living with diabetes

Better diabetes management can be achieved through a stronger political will, a change in the way we invest in chronic diseases, a change in our health system to prioritize value and a better understanding of technology.

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