Our Priorities Environmental and Social Sustainability

Responsible Business and Supply Chain

Responsible Business and Supply Chain Picture

MedTech Europe members are committed to the MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice. This document sets out the ethical principles by which companies should operate. In addition to upholding the highest standards in business, labour and human rights, we strive to ensure that our impact on society and the environment is a positive one.

Sustainable business practice is at the core of MedTech Europe’s identity. Rules of engagement with healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations are captured in MedTech Europe’s Code of Ethical Business Practice.

Sustainable business practice extends to the management of our value chains and addressing any potential risk in the complex, multi-tier supply chain. Companies conduct due diligence to ensure suppliers avoid and address adverse impacts related to workers, human rights, the environment, bribery, consumers and corporate governance.

Companies with a pan-European presence also address compliance with national/regional standards and legislation.

Our members work to include social enterprises among our suppliers. By providing work to suppliers that address social good, we want to create more inclusive and sustainable economies.

Innovative medtech products and services also play a role in fostering equality and equity by, for example, improving access to healthcare through e-health technologies. These innovations help to empower patients and improve outcomes for all.