Third Party Event

#ShiningALight exhibition

2023-03-14 - 2023-03-15

Space Emilio Colombo, European Parliament, Strasbourg

On 14-15 March, MedTech Europe will hold an event on the theme of “Shining a light on medical technologies”, at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

The event is hosted by MEP Andreas Glück, who will officially open the event together with MEP Angelika Niebler and Oliver Bisazza, CEO of MedTech Europe.

MedTech Europe will stream the opening ceremony on the MedTech Europe LinkedIn profile on 14 March at 14:00 CET.

The exhibition of the medical technologies will take place in “Space Emilio Colombo” to retrace European citizens’ health journey and the sector’s role in improving people’s lives – from prevention to diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment.

Have a virtual tour of our #ShiningALight exhibition on MedTech Europe’s website starting Tuesday, 14 March!

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