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Mapping the pathways enabling market access to innovative medical procedures and technologies

Posted on 01.12.2022

With the support of MTRC, MedTech Europe has recently completed a mapping of the pathways enabling market access to innovative medical procedures and technologies in Europe. This mapping shows how these pathways are conceived and provided independently by each country and the significant disparity across European countries in their number and use.

The project was conducted between July and October 2022 and led to some major findings:

  1. To date, only a limited number of European countries have introduced and administer Innovative Payment Schemes (IPS) covering digital health technologies, medical devices, in vitro diagnostics, or medical procedures. Indeed, out of the 32 European screened countries, 24 did not possess any IPSs and a total of 21 IPSs were identified in 8 countries. However, the existence of (a) scheme(s) in a country is not automatically a guarantee of improved and timely access to medical technologies as only those schemes which are adequately designed, implemented and managed will offer such access.
  2. Several European countries are conducting concrete actions to transform their healthcare and/or reimbursement and funding systems. Indeed, the screening of the 32 countries led to the identification of 33 ongoing initiatives in 17 countries. It is however important to note again that even in countries conducting concrete initiatives, reimbursement and funding systems of medical technologies might still be challenging.

To learn more about the project conclusions and MedTech Europe’ call to action, please read our Press Release.

For more information on the project and related dissemination activities or the other activities of the Reimb&Funding WG, please contact Sophie Koettlitz, Manager Value & Innovation-based Access.