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The value of stakeholder engagement

Posted on 28.06.2017

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MedTech Europe strives to build new partnerships and engage stakeholders in the discussion around cross-cutting subjects in healthcare.

The most recent achievement was this year’s Patient-MedTech Dialogue workshop on two main topics:  MDR/IVDR and Access to health technologies. On the 1st and 2nd June, 30 participants from industry as well as patient organisations came together to learn from each other.

The recent adoption of the new Medical Device and In-Vitro Diagnostics Regulations imply changes for both patients and the industry, therefore this meeting was a good occasion to inform patients about the modifications which apply to them and for the industry to better understand about the concerns, questions that may arise.

The second workshop was centered around the European Patients’ Forum’s Access Campaign. The breakout sessions on this day allowed for a lively discussion on two pillars of the Campaign: (i) Ensuring access to a holistic range of health services and (ii) Committing to sustainable investment in health.

In the next steps, the Steering Committee of the Dialogue will discuss potential future topics of mutual interest to bring forward in this setting.