UPDATED – Innovative Health Initiative launches calls for proposal #4 and #5

Posted on 15.06.2023

31 July 2023

The Innovative Health Initiative (IHI) has launched two new calls for proposals – calls 4 and 5. The calls feature topic texts on the environmental impacts of healthcare, patient-centric blood sample collection, theranostics solutions, and the generation of synthetic health data for research, among others.  

To learn more about each call, head to the call page:  

👉 Call 4: https://europa.eu/!CYj638, with the deadline 🗓️ 8 November 2023 

👉 Call 5: https://europa.eu/!BxrRWT, with the deadline 🗓️ 16 January 2024 

You can catch up on the previously held IHI call days, which included information sessions on each topic, the rules and procedures for proposals, as well as partnership matchmaking services through this link 

MedTech Europe provides a wealth of resources for members that are interested in participating in IHI projects, including an informational video, and proposal templates and guidelines.  

For more information, please contact Patrick Boisseau, Director General Industry Strategic Initiatives. 


Previous version

IHI Announces New Calls (4&5) and Information Days

The Innovative Health Initiative has just published the draft topics for the next calls for proposal, calls 4 and 5.

The topic texts include patient-centric blood sample collection, safety and sustainability by design in packaging and single use devices, sustainable circular development, new methodologies for health technologies, synthetic data, and much more!

You can read the full call text here: https://europa.eu/!8d3rF8

Interested in learning more? All stakeholders are invited to participate in the upcoming IHI Call Days information sessions. The aim of the Call Days is to provide information to potential applicants about the rules and procedures for both calls, how to submit a strong proposal, information on the call topics, and networking opportunities with potential partners via the event platform.

🗓️ 19-29 June

✍️ http://europa.eu/!MgwkBJ