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Research and Innovation

Research & Innovation (R&I) is the lifeblood of Europe’s medical technology sector. Industry investment in R&I delivers life-enhancing devices, diagnostics and digital solutions. EU support for R&I offers valuable opportunities for academia and industry to generate new knowledge and use it to tackle the biggest challenges facing our societies. The quest for tomorrow’s healthcare innovations demands new, broad partnerships. R&I is most impactful when it is based on collaboration. MedTech Europe is committed to working with others in the public and private sectors to find shared solutions to our common challenges.

Research and Innovation

The medtech sector is defined by its strong history of research and innovation. Europe is an established leader in medtech innovation, delivering major advances in areas including cardiac pacemakers, deep brain stimulation and intravascular ultrasound. By turning scientific ideas into solutions for patients, health professionals and health systems, industry has contributed to better outcomes and greater efficiency in healthcare. In the process, Europe’s medtech companies have helped the region to be a world leader in a highly competitive sector.

EU R&I support instruments have played a key role in generating the knowledge and skills required to answer the major challenges facing society. As new challenges come into focus in healthcare, public and private investment in R&I will be essential. The EU’s Horizon Europe Framework Programme will invest €80-120 billion in R&I over the period 2021-2027. Approximately 8% of this budget should be dedicated to the health sector, covering topics ranging from basic science to market access[1].

In the past, the medtech sector did not engage with EU support instruments as actively as some other industries. That is changing. MedTech Europe is working with health stakeholders on the future EU Partnership on Health Innovation. For the first time, medical technology companies are strongly encouraged to take an active role in shaping this EU research partnership to ensure it meets their needs and expectations. Together, we will help to design cross-sectorial R&I programmes on prevention, diagnostics, treatment, monitoring of patients, as well as socio-economic studies on value and digitisation of healthcare.

[1] Exact budget will be fixed by the Multiannual Financial Framework

Innovative Health Initiative (IHI) - The future of healthcare research & innovation in Europe

The Innovative Health Initiative (IHI) is a new proposed public-private partnership (PPP) under Horizon Europe.  

This cross-sectoral Partnership brings together all stakeholders including 5 key health industry sectors involved in the patient’s journey and aims to make significant progress towards addressing unmet health needs. 

This unique initiative strives to: 

  • Pioneer the patient-centred integration of knowledge, technology and products 
  • Tackle each and every aspect of care to improve lives of patients across Europe and beyond 
  • Strengthen Europe’s position at the forefront of medical innovation 
  • Address current and future health challenges 

How can this Partnership help solve significant current and future health challenges in different healthcare areas 

Learn more about IHI and the open calls.


MedTech Europe is proud to be among five industry associations that have come together, representing pharmaceutical, biotech and medical technologies industries operating in Europe (COCIR, EFPIA, EuropaBio, MedTech Europe and Vaccines Europe).  


MedTech Europe will support members in engaging with EU funding schemes, equipping them with the knowledge and skills requires to play an active role in this new era of healthcare R&I. This will be achieved through webinars and training, access to a library of support tools, official templates, a calendar of calls and details of work programmes. We are committed to helping medical technology innovators of all sizes be a part of Europe’s R&I ecosystem.

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