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Access to Medical Technology

Medical technologies have the potential to save and improve the quality of life, to inform people on the state of their health and to guide healthcare delivery.

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To ensure patients’ access to medical technologies across European health systems and have appropriate rewarding mechanisms based upon the value delivered in place, MedTech Europe and its members strive for the implementation of a value-based market access model. This approach should drive timely access to, and the use of medical technology innovations for all EU citizens and health systems to benefit.

The value-based access model is aimed to support the shift towards value-based health systems with cost-efficient care delivered along the full pathway of care. This implies investment in keeping people in good health, consideration of the broader societal value of health, and delivering value to all health system actors including healthcare professionals and caregivers. Within the framework of European regulations and directives, MedTech Europe focuses on the following core elements to make a value-based access model reality:

  • Value-Based Procurement (VBP)
  • Value-based contracting and agreements
  • Value of Diagnostic Information (VODI)
  • Health Technology Assessment (HTA)
  • Real-world evidence generation
  • Innovative and value-based reimbursement/funding schemes

Our team engages with key stakeholders to co-create and deploy these new instruments and to build communities of practice to support the transformation to a value-based healthcare system.



VIP access: a proposal for a new model for embracing healthcare innovation

Posted on 15.03.2021

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