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MedTech Europe Manifesto for 2024 – 2029 | Empowering Patients, Inspiring Innovation

Europe can do even better when it comes to health and wellbeing

Europe takes great pride in its robust social security systems and the fundamental principles of equitable healthcare access. However, significant efforts are still required to ensure that all patients across the continent enjoy top-tier quality care and unfettered access to medical services and technologies. On top of that, European health systems are under strain from budget and staffing shortages, an ageing population, non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, rising antimicrobial resistance, and the threat of another system-straining pandemic. To address these challenges while further improving health and well-being overall, health systems must become more patient-centric, digitally advanced, resilient and sustainable. Medical technologies enable this transformation, provided they reach patients and healthcare systems.

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Posted on 16.11.2023

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