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proThis is a challenging time for all of us on all levels. We are committed to stand together in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and give the best support we can to patients, healthcare professionals and policymakers.

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Dear Members, Partners, Friends,

We created the COVID-19 information hub to provide you with relevant information on activities of the medical technology manufacturers, the European Union and the Member States in addressing the Corona Virus pandemic. We will keep updating this section as the situation continues to develop. Scroll through the page to find useful links, contact information and materials.

To all of you, stay safe and healthy!

MedTech Europe publications

In this section, you will find all relevant communications coming from MedTech Europe, as well as updates concerning MedTech Europe events and initiatives.

European Union materials and publications

More relevant information coming from the EU insitutions can found in a dedicated section of our library. Here, we will also include links to online sections dedicated to COVID-19 on the EU institutions’ websites.

Other useful links and publications

In this section, you will find relevant information on COVID-19 coming from other international institutions, bodies and associations.

  • World Health Organisation COVID-19

    World Health Organisation COVID-19

    Information on the COVID-19 outbreak from the WHO can be found here.

  • Information on Tenders from European countries

    Information on Tenders from European countries

    Given the current situation, MedTech Europe has decided to publish tenders on this website for the benefit of any interested party when requested by the authorities in charge of the tenders. This is for information only and is by no means systematic research.

    MedTech Europe does not make any representation about the technical aspect of each tender and advises each interested party to seek expert advice before taking any decision regarding participation in the tenders.

    The tenders published on this website are managed at national level by the relevant authorities. To receive more information, please contact these authorities directly.

  • Johns Hopkins COVID-19 global map

    Johns Hopkins COVID-19 global map

    An interactive global map that allows you to follow the worldwide impact of the outbreak.

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