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We created the COVID-19 information hub to provide you with relevant information on activities of the medical technology manufacturers, the European Union and the Member States in addressing the Coronavirus pandemic. We will keep updating this section as the situation continues to develop. Scroll through the page to find useful links, contact information and materials. To all of you, stay safe and healthy!

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COVID-19: the role of medical technology

Medical technology plays a vital role in testing who may have contracted COVID-19, ensuring that healthcare professionals can work safely and that quality care and treatment is available to all those who need it.

Three key categories of health products are critical in these times:
COVID-19 diagnostic tests (click here to know more)
Personal protective equipment (PPE), which include face masks, gloves, protective goggles and suits (click here to know more)
Respiratory support equipment, which includes ventilators and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO)

You can learn more about these three categories of products by listening to our MedTech ON AIR podcast below.

Our members, both manufacturers and national associations, are working relentlessly to make sure that these products are produced and supplied to hospitals and healthcare systems in a time of unprecedented pressure.

Medical technology also plays a critical role in informing deconfinement strategies. For a deeper look into this you can listen to the podcast below:

As a European association, MedTech Europe supports these efforts. We coordinate and liaise among manufacturers, national associations and EU institutions to make sure that supply chains are not disrupted and access to all medical technologies can continue.

Scroll through the page to find out more about the ongoing efforts and initiatives of the medical technologies industry, EU institutions and other international bodies and organisations.

MedTech Europe publications

In this section, you will find all relevant communications coming from MedTech Europe, as well as updates concerning MedTech Europe events and initiatives.

European Union materials and publications

More relevant information coming from the EU insitutions can found in a dedicated section of our library. Here, we will also include links to online sections dedicated to COVID-19 on the EU institutions’ websites.

Other useful links and publications

In this section, you will find relevant information on COVID-19 coming from other international institutions, bodies and associations.

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