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Digital Health

Medical technologies generate information and data that are critical for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and management of health and lifestyle. More and more of this data is now digitised; it can be stored and accessed on electronic health records and personal devices, shared among patients and healthcare professionals, and aggregated and processed with data advanced analytics
MedTech Europe works with policymakers and relevant stakeholders to realise the potential of data-driven healthcare. Together we focus on legal and regulatory issues (privacy, safety), technology (cybersecurity, interoperability), the business case (incentives, reimbursement), and emerging technologies (precision medicine, artificial intelligence).

Digital Picture

Digital health opportunities

Information and data generated by medical technologies play a vital role in improving health outcomes and making health systems more efficient.

Digital health data can:

  • be stored and accessed on electronic health records, and shared among patients and healthcare professionals, thus removing the need for duplicate tests and procedures, and improving the quality of care
  • enable remote monitoring and telehealth programmes, moving care from the hospital to the home, and freeing resources for the provision of healthcare
  • empower patients with information to manage their conditions, saving visits to the doctor, and enhancing the mobility and quality of life of patients and their carers
  • be combined with data from other sources (from welfare agencies and environmental information, for example) to deliver holistic, integrated, person-centred care, and aggregated for research and data analytics, advancing public health, medical science and human knowledge.

Healthcare’s digital future

Digital tools will play a central role in the most promising areas of healthcare innovation. As we advance towards more personalised, predictive, precision healthcare, data will be key. In future, healthcare can be more integrated, value-based and with a stronger focus on patient outcomes. The seamless collection, analysis and use of patient level and population health data can accelerate significant improvements in how care is delivered, measured and improved. Advances in big data, machine-learning and artificial intelligence, coupled with the latest data from genomics and proteomics, have the power to transform how we live our lives and protect our well-being.

Driving the digitalisation of healthcare

The medtech sector is at the forefront of innovation in Europe with one of the highest number of patents filed every year. Digital health technologies are an important growth area as innovative companies, large and small, aim to solve some of the biggest challenges in healthcare. These tools and services can strengthen our healthcare systems at a time of growing shortages in the healthcare work force, ageing populations and rising rates of chronic conditions. The digitalisation of healthcare can revolutionize the delivery of care by making it safer, better and more efficient. MedTech Europe members are driving this change.

EU policies can enable the digital transformation

Barriers to the adoption of digital health tools persist:

  • Data security & privacy: the MedTech industry has always been committed to the highest standards of processing personal data. Harmonised approaches towards data privacy and security across the EU can empower citizens while providing a stable environment for innovation.
  • Technology & standards: Data too often remain locked in silos due to insufficient commitment to common standards and specifications for the transfer of information. Lack of interoperability holds the sector back.
  • Business & incentives: Financing and reimbursement policies across Member States must offer appropriate incentives for the development of transformative technologies in the area of digital health.
  • Change management: The advent of digital health affects the traditional doctor-patient relationship and is changing the way care is delivered, providing certain challenges but vast opportunities as well..

MedTech Europe works towards achieving a greater vision for the digitalisation of the medtech industry and healthcare in general. We engage with policymakers and stakeholders to realise the potential of data-driven healthcare, and to overcome the barriers for the flow of data, focusing on legal and regulatory issues (privacy, securitysafety), technology (standardscybersecurity, interoperability), the business environment case (incentives, reimbursement), and emerging technologies (precision medicine, artificial intelligence).

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