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Diabetes is a silent pandemic. There are 60 million people across Europe living with the condition—equivalent to the population of Italy – and the numbers are rising each year. If current trends continue, diabetes will soon be the number one health threat in Europe.

The MedTech Europe Diabetes Group aims to reverse this trend by taking meaningful collective action on prevention, diagnosis and treatment for the millions of people living with diabetes, so that they can get back to leading full and fear-free lives.

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Changing habits and new environmental realities have led to increased rates of diabetes. As a chronic condition requiring life-long treatment and care, diabetes can lead to serious health complications if not effectively managed daily. This creates a significant burden for those living with the condition and their loved ones, as well as a growing strain on healthcare professionals and health systems unequipped for long-term chronic disease management. 

The MedTech Europe Diabetes Group is committed to addressing the needs of people living with diabetes and their care teams to improve health outcomes and quality of life, while supporting healthcare systems in meeting the demands of this growing diabetes pandemic and improving their resiliency. Our guiding priorities include:

  1. Advancing digitally enabled diabetes care in T1 and T2 diabetes 
  2. Promoting value-based healthcare and system readiness
  3. Being a trusted partner in the diabetes community

Learn more about our priorities on the subtopics below. 

Latest developments

  • European Parliament Resolution on Diabetes: MedTech Europe’s Diabetes Sector Group welcomes the recent adoption of the European Parliament resolution on prevention, management, and better care of diabetes in the EU, on the occasion of World Diabetes Day (WDD). Find here our statement. Learn more about the MEPs Mobilising for Diabetes initiative and the EP resolution here.
  • Ukraine and the diabetes community: MedTech Europe’s collective statement on the war in Ukraine can be found here. We encourage you to learn more about the initiative “Connect Solidarity”, launched by IDF Europe, which supports people living with diabetes in Ukraine and those who have had to flee to surrounding countries due to the ongoing war. Learn more about how to support here.
  • “Healthier Together” EU NCD Initiative: The MedTech Europe Diabetes Group welcomes the “Healthier Together” EU NCD Initiative, which was launched by the Commission to support Member States in reducing the burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), such as diabetes. The initiative aims to share best practices among countries to address the challenges of NCDs. Read the Group’s position on the topic here. For more information on the “Healthier Together” EU NCD Initiative, click here.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic: Manufacturers of diabetes technologies and services stand with the diabetes community during the COVID-19 health crisis, which has disproportionately affected people living with diabetes. Please see the MedTech Europe COVID-19 Information Hub for more information.

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