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1 in 11 adults around the world have diabetes. That’s about 60 million people across Europe, equivalent to the total Italian population. This number increases significantly every year. If current trends continue, diabetes will be the number one health threat in the coming years.

The European Diabetes Sector Group aims to reverse this trend by taking meaningful collective action to help avoid the diabetes pandemic where possible, and when diagnosis occurs to put people at the centre of care and give them back a full and fear-free life.

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Diabetes is a silent pandemic. Changing habits and new environmental realities have led to increased rates of this chronic condition, which requires long-term treatment and care. This growing demand places a major stress on healthcare systems, which are not designed around long-term chronic disease management, as well as on our societies’ wider economic and social structures.

The Diabetes Sector Group of MedTech Europe is committed to helping move healthcare systems forward to meet the demands and opportunities of this changing world. Bringing together leading companies in the field of diabetes, we engage widely across the diabetes community to achieve these aims and put people with diabetes, rightly, at the centre of our world.

Manufacturers of diabetes technologies and services stand with people with diabetes during the Covid-19 health crisis. Please find a full joint industry statement here.

Our priorities

  • Value-Based Healthcare in Diabetes
    Digital tools can improve outcomes for people with diabetes and can save money for health systems over time. Medtech Europe is engaging with the purchasing community and building case studies to showcase the patient and economic benefits of taking a holistic approach to healthcare.
  • A Digital Future for Diabetes
    We profoundly believe that digital tools and services will enable a new era for diabetes treatment and care, moving care from the hospital setting to the home and empowering people with diabetes, their caregivers and healthcare professionals with better tools, data and services. Did you ever wonder how medical technology in diabetes care advanced over time? Watch here:

MedTech Europe staff supports World Diabetes Day

MedTech Europe staff shows solidarity to the diabetes community.

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