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System Readiness for Diabetes

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Our health systems are not prepared for the growing diabetes pandemic. Designed around treating acute conditions like a broken leg, rather than chronic conditions like diabetes that require life-long treatment and care, hospitals are under increasing strain. To address the challenges of chronic conditions and build resilience for future health crises, we believe health systems must embrace a value-based, patient-centric and digitally enabled approach to care delivery.

MedTech Europe strongly believes that using the principles of value-based healthcare – linking health funding to outcomes, rather than the current fee-for-service model – will incentivise healthcare systems to deploy resources in the smartest way possible, resulting in happier and healthier populations and saving money over time.

Digitally enabled medical technologies are a key enabler of this value-based healthcare model in diabetes. By empowering people with diabetes to better manage their condition through digital tools and services, better health outcomes and quality of life can be achieved, while reducing the number of serious health situations that require hospital visits. Furthermore, these digital tools provide better health data, which can in turn support medical professionals in remote monitoring and improved decision-making, improving care while reducing strain on hospitals.

The Economist Intelligence Unit’s “Digital Diabetes Index” on the readiness of health systems

Digital diabetes tools and services can improve health outcomes and quality of life for people living with diabetes, while saving costs for health systems. But how ready are our health systems to unlock these benefits?

The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Digital Diabetes Index developed a set of key indicators to measure and compare the digital readiness of 10 European countries to embrace the digital diabetes care. Explore the findings and download the white paper at the interactive website.

Watch our launch webinar on the topic:
In the first half of the “Digital Diabetes Index” launch webinar, EIU presented the background, methodology and key findings of the index. In the second half, reflection and discussion was invited by the expert panel consisting of Dr. Jeannette Soderberg, Director of JDRF international, Dr. Henk Veeze, Co-Founder of Diabeter, and Dr. Nick Guldemond, Professor of Integrated Care and Technology at the Leiden University Medical Center.

EU NCD Initiative

The MedTech Europe Diabetes Group welcomes the “Healthier Together” EU NCD Initiative, which was launched by the Commission to support Member States in reducing the burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), such as diabetes. The initiative aims to share best practices among countries to address the challenges of NCDs.

Read the Group’s position on the topic hereFor more information on the “Healthier Together” EU NCD Initiative, click here.

Promoting Value-based Healthcare

See our images promoting value from World Diabetes Day below.

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