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Market Data

Information is power. Medical technology companies need to stay on top of the latest trends impacting their business. Informed decisions require up-to-date market intelligence from a trusted service.

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MedTech Europe can deliver unrivalled information, tailored to your portfolio and geographic needs. Our Market Data team has the experience, contacts and expertise to deliver what you need: real data, from real sources, in real time.

Real data, Trusted service, Informed decisions

What we do

The MedTech Europe Market Data team produces a wealth of data on medical devices and in vitro diagnostics. Every year, we create 2,365 reports for more than 100 companies and 14 national associations. This includes data on more than 1,300 medical technologies for over 80 countries.

  • Medical devices: 1,055 reports for 36 companies | > 300 product categories | >70 countries
  • In vitro diagnostics: 1,310 reports for 77 companies | >1,000 product categories | >80 countries

Our reports and publications are the go-to source of information on MedTech market size and business trends. MedTech Europe’s 25 industry trackers and market survey groups are an indispensable asset for decision-makers across the industry.

Data is collated by an experienced team, supported by our Market Research Committee and a new Market Intelligence & Customer Insight Group.

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Driving C-suite decisions

Data is the raw material needed to make informed business decisions. Whether companies need a big-picture overview of market megatrends or a granular dataset for specific markets, MedTech Europe can deliver unbeatable intelligence.

  • Close to 90% of senior business and product managers use our data for strategic decision-making
  • More than 60% present our data to the Executive Leadership*

*Source: Customer satisfaction survey

The sole source of truth when it comes to market information for strategic business decision-makingJ&J

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