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Market Data

Taking decisions based on individual knowledge and market understanding has proven to be insufficient in the digital era. Successful medical technology companies have leveraged the power of technology and big data to take rigorous decisions based on empirical data. Staying up to date with the latest trends, requires a trusted data provider and market intelligence service.

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MedTech Europe stands at the forefront of delivering unrivalled up-to-date information within the medical industry, providing data tailored to your company’s product portfolio and geographical scope.

Driving Strategic Decisions

Our reports and business intelligence services cover a wide range of medical technologies worldwide and stands as the primary source of information for market size and business trends for IVD & MD. The granularity of our data products is highly valued by our partners and drives important C-Level decisions.

Additionally, our data is ranked as the most accurate and trusted source of information within the medical devices industry – helping our members take important strategic decisions, ranging from resource allocation, product manufacturing and demand forecasting for targeted markets. Every major company plans their production pipeline and distribution processes with robust data, and MedTech Europe has been the most reliable partner for delivering unbeatable business intelligence.

“The gold standard of market data”

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How to Participate

To be able to partner with us, companies must be manufacturers and have certain presence in the markets they wish to gain access to data. Subsequently, when sharing data with us, companies are guaranteed – through a data sharing agreement – the maximum security from end-to-end:

  1. Since the moment companies upload their data in our terminal server
  2. To the confidentiality obligations and competition law requirements our staff thoroughly undertakes
  3. To the moment our experienced team delivers the insights back to you

In addition, our analysis is supported by a Market Research Committee and a Market Intelligence & Customer Insight Group, which help us in conducting rigorous processes to maximize accuracy while ensuring compliance.

For more information, you can contact us at [email protected].

Real data | Trusted service | Informed decisions

  • Close to 90% of senior business and product managers use our data for strategic decision-making
  • More than 60% present our data to the Executive Leadership*
  • A solid relationship with our partners – 93% satisfaction rate.

*Source: Customer satisfaction survey 

“The sole source of truth when it comes to market information for strategic business decision-making”


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