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Advancing better access to quality diabetes care in Europe

Posted on 01.02.2024

In this new year, the MedTech Europe Diabetes Group continues its work of advancing digitally enabled care for the benefit of people living with diabetes, their caregivers, and healthcare systems in Europe.

In December, the European Diabetes Forum (EUDF), in which the Diabetes Group is a supporting collaborator, published the ‘Diabetes Community Pledge’ with a view toward the 2024 elections. The Pledge calls on politicians to support a policy framework at EU level that is fit for purpose – including through a dedicated focus on technology and digitally enabled care. The Diabetes Group supports the pledge, and you can share your support as well by signing the pledge here.

In December, the European Parliament passed a Resolution on non-communicable diseases (NCDs), including a call for greater access to medical technologies and investment in innovation. The Group has also welcomed the adoption in the resolution, which aligns with the EUDF Pledge and constitutes a positive signal ahead of the 2024 European Elections.

Additionally, the Diabetes Group further advanced the ‘Access framework’ project for T2D care, in which it aims to identify the main drivers and barriers for people living with Type 2 diabetes to access digitally enabled care in Europe. The Group is in the process of interviewing experts in the field – including clinicians, researchers, patients, regulatory experts, and politicians at EU and national levels. Publication is expected at the beginning of spring.

For more information on the work of the MedTech Europe Diabetes Group, please visit our website or get in touch with Jessica Imbert, Director External Affairs.