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Lloyd vs Google Supreme Court Judgement

Posted on 02.12.2021

The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom published its ruling on the Lloyd vs Google case earlier this month. The case initially focused on data protection, but the vehicle used to bring forth the claim was at stake in this appeal. The plaintiff had used a relatively old provision of English procedural law to effectively create a class action suit which purported to represent by default any individual in the same situation as himself (creating a de facto opt-out regime for class actions in the UK).
ABHI, the British association of medical device manufacturers, participated as an intervener due to the potential impact such a system could have on our industry.
While the Supreme Court overruled the previous appeal, avoiding for the time being the establishment of an opt-out system of class actions in the UK, it also expanded several key concepts applicable to class actions. The legal team will continue to monitor these developments.
For more information, please reach out to Pablo Rojas Abad, Legal and Compliance Senior Legal Counsel.