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MedTech Europe responds to survey on training the healthcare workforce of the future

Posted on 09.09.2020

On the 27th of August, MedTech Europe submitted its response to the survey from Health First Europe, European Health Management Association, and the EU Health Policy Platform on ‘Profiling and training the healthcare workers for the future’. In its response, MedTech Europe highlighted the benefits of new skillsets for healthcare professionals, as well as some educational approaches, through which these skills could be obtained.

MedTech Europe highlighted the increasing role of digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence, for a more patient-centred approach. In order to realize the full potential of digitalization, it is essential that the healthcare workforce looks at skillsets in a new way and at the sustainability of healthcare systems as a whole. This can address unmet needs and shortcomings in care delivery and improve outcomes for patients as well as create benefits for healthcare professionals and society at large.