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MedTech Europe responds to the Pilot on the Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence assessment list

Posted on 04.12.2019

MedTech Europe has published the medtech industry’s contribution on the matter of the ethical use of AI, in addition to its response to the Pilot on the Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assessment List.

In its contribution, the medtech industry‘s commitment to the building of ethical and trustworthy AI systems is set out and as such it welcomes the European Commission’s engagement to creating a useful instrument for organisations to enable them to assess their compliance with the EU ethics guidelines for Trustworthy AI. There are certain adjustments we propose to enhance the usefulness and feasibility of the Assessment tool for the ethical AI requirements, defined by the High-Level Expert Group on AI. Furthermore, in MedTech Europe’s detailed response to the pilot process, the medtech sector-specific perspective is provided on several of the requirements, which are more distinctive to medical technologies. For more information, please refer to our response.