The MedTech industry develops products and services that help people living with diabetes to manage their condition on a daily basis. These innovations reduce the risk of costly complications and thus contribute significant value by improving efficiency of healthcare systems.

Value-Based Healthcare: Diabetes Medtech Leads the Way

Our vision and mission

Our Group brings together Diabetes technology companies to champion the objectives of patients and their associations for the best choices to prevent, manage and ultimately cure diabetes.

Our group commits to:

  • Actively raising awareness around diabetes prevention and diabetes care;
  • Demonstrating the value that high-quality, safe and innovative devices bring through improving the quality of life of people living with diabetes and containing long-term costs of the diabetes pandemic;
  • Partnering with external stakeholders, both public and private, to ensure that the most effective technologies are available across Europe;
  • Being a trusted partner in the diabetes environment.

Diabetes infographic