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Global Health Policy

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Through our advocacy efforts, technical expertise, and holistic approach, MedTech Europe actively engages on many international issues of relevance for the medical technology sector.

These include:

  • Market access, advocating for non-discriminatory, attractive funding, pricing, and reimbursement policies to help medical technologies reach international markets.
  • Trade issues, seeking fair business terms and a level playing field in international territories, with fewer tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade in medical devices and IVDs, especially in the case of health emergencies and humanitarian aid.
  • Regulatory issues, promoting regulatory reforms that are in line with international norms and advocating for regulatory convergence, avoiding unnecessary delays in patient access to innovative technologies. This includes the analysis of how the sector is impacted by horizontal technology regulations (e.g., in the environmental and digital fields).
  • International health policies, working with agencies including the World Health Organisation (WHO) to help develop clear, common guidelines for the use of medical technologies.
  • Ethical conduct, promoting and helping to implement the principles of ethical business practices across the world.