MedTech Europe Event

Webinar – Digitally Enabled Diabetes Care in Action in Europe

2020-10-20 - 2020-10-20

Diabetes affects 60 million people across Europe and the numbers are rising rapidly.

In the second of two webinars to discuss the findings and themes of the recently published paper ‘A Vision For Digitally Enabled Diabetes Care in Europe,’ our expert panel will zoom in on the current experiences of diabetes treatment and care today, and how the latest developments are laying the foundations for the future. These first-hand insights will shine a light on current successes, and identify where significant challenges remain for diabetes care in Europe.

What is currently happening across Europe that enables better digital diabetes treatment and care? What are some of the best practices and stubborn challenges? What knowledge are we currently building that will shape how policymakers and others approach the topic?
Please join us for this second of two webinars to discuss ‘a vision for digitally enabled diabetes care in Europe’! Register here!

Prof. John Nolan, Dept. of Clinical Medicine, Trinity College Dublin

Expert Panelists:

  • Bastian Hauck, Director, International Diabetes Federation Europe and CEO & Founder, #dedoc° Diabetes Online Community
  • Tadej Battelino, Consultant and Head of Department of Paediatric and Adolescent Endocrinology, UMC Ljubljana, Head, Chair of Paediatrics, and Professor of Paediatrics at Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana. Co-organiser of the ATTD meetings on diabetes technology
  • Brian Kennon, Consultant Diabetologist, National Lead for Diabetes, Specialty Advisor to CMO, Diabetes & Endocrinology, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow, NHS
  • Dr. Ansgar Resch, Divisional Vice President Diabetes Care EMEA, Abbott Diabetes Care
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