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Advancing digitally enabled care for people living with diabetes

Posted on 02.02.2023

The MedTech Europe Diabetes Group continues its work of advancing digitally enabled care for the benefit of people living with diabetes, their care teams and wider health systems in Europe. In addition to Type 1 diabetes, the Group places a growing focus on the role medical technology can play in preventing, diagnosing and managing Type 2 diabetes.

This month, the Diabetes Group is pleased to once again join the annual Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD) from 22-25 February 2023 in Berlin, which brings together leading experts from across the globe to discuss the latest research and developments in medical technology in diabetes. The Diabetes Sector Group provides educational grants for start-ups to attend the International Fair of New Technologies in Diabetes within ATTD. The start-up fair has grown into a much-anticipated cornerstone of ATTD, which MedTech Europe has supported since its founding several years ago.

On the EU agenda, the Group welcomes the increased focus on diabetes. The European Parliament recently adopted a resolution on diabetes, which includes a call for patient-centred digital transformation of diabetes care. The Commission-led Joint Action on Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease – a central part of the ‘Healthier Together’ EU NCD Initiative – also includes a strong digital focus among its various workstreams, which are expected to kick off in September.

For more information, please contact Tanja Valentin, Senior Advisor Diabetes.