AMR and HAIs under the wings of the Patient Safety Task Force

Posted on 06.10.2016


Many of you may have heard of the Patient Safety Task Force, a joint Eucomed-Edma Group existing for several years, originally named as the Healthcare Acquired Infections (HCAI) Task Force. Over the past years, the Group broadened its scope and looked into several different aspects of patient safety, for example medication and diagnostic errors. This year, however, the Members decided to seize the political momentum and look at Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). The latter is a topic high on the agenda of the various EU Institutions, but also of global players for example WHO, and the UN.

The Task Force specifically aims to link HCAIs and AMR together and create a narrative around the two topics, demonstrating the value medical technologies bring in the prevention and control of these infections. Over the past year, the Group produced many relevant materials, including an infographic on AMR and a substantial amount of work with Health First Europe around patient safety indicators. Currently, the Task Force is finalising a position paper on AMR, which will serve as a strong basis for further advocacy work in this domain.

If you are interested in actively getting involved with the Task Force, please contact  Tímea Rezi-Kató.