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Application of the MTE Code in France: Outcomes of the webinar for French Healthcare Organisations & Professional Congress Organisers

Posted on 02.04.2019

On March 20, MedTech Europe organized an informative webinar in French to the attention of French HCOs & PCOs on how to navigate and best apply the MedTech Europe Code in France, given the existing local legal requirements. The webinar was followed by over 100 participants.

The presentations addressed the most recent updates of the MedTech Europe Code, the current state of the French legislative environment and the impact on organizing medical congresses in France. It was followed by a session of live Questions & Answers. The presentations are available on the Ethical MedTech website. The recording and the summary of the Q&A session will be released in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

All questions can be sent to: [email protected]