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Assessment of medical conferences: MedTech Europe and EFPIA have joined forces

Posted on 03.02.2021

On 1 January 2021, the respective compliance platforms of both trade associations have come together to ensure consistency and harmonisation in the assessment of medical conferences’ compliance across the healthcare industry. This means that both platforms, the Conference Vetting System and e4ethics, are now aligned in most aspects to conduct conference assessments. As a reminder, they both operate independently from MedTech Europe and EFPIA, via a common compliance team.

This means that assessment decisions are now binding for both MedTech Europe and EFPIA member companies as of 1st January 2021 (with a 6-month pilot period). As it was already the case for MedTech Europe members, a positive assessment is now required for EFPIA members to be able to support an educational medical conference. The type of support allowed remains regulated under the respective EFPIA and MedTech Europe Codes. For more information, please contact Clarisse Aillet ([email protected]) or visit the EthicalMedTech website.