Belgium publishes industry payments to healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations

Posted on 05.07.2016


On 22 June Belgium launched the BeTransparent platform, where the general public will be able to consult collaborations and transactions between pharmaceutical and medtech companies on the one hand, and healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations on the other.

In this first phase of the launch, data from transactions from 80 pharmaceutical companies are now published on the platform. In a second phase, data from medical technology and generics companies will also be made available.

With this initiative, Belgium is implementing a self-regulatory transparency system based on the EFPIA Code (EFPIA is the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations).  Both the industry and 23 associations representing healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations have signed up to the Belgian initiative. Transactions disclosed on the online platform cover 4 broad categories: R&D, donations and grants, attendance at scientific congresses and consultancy agreements.

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