Constructive transposition by member states is key for the Directive for Representative Actions

Posted on 09.12.2020

The Directive for Representative Actions, was published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 4 December. Member states will have until December 25th 2022 to transpose it into their national law, and the provisions will be in full legal effect as of 25th June 2023. The Directive provides EU-rules for EU consumers to collectively seek redress and aims to create equal access to redress in all member states.

MedTech Europe has always been supportive of the EU’s intention to build a balanced, modern and efficient framework that protects the collective rights of patients and consumers, and which also provides certainty and workable rules for businesses. While great progress has been done, there are remaining uncertainties on the way towards an efficient legal framework, which can impact patients, healthcare systems and medical technology manufacturers. The constructive transposition of the Directive into national laws will be key. MedTech Europe and its members stand ready to collaborate with national governments during the transposition and during future discussions on Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms. Read here our full statement.