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Council gives final approval to tackling distortive foreign subsidies on the internal market

Posted on 01.12.2022

On 28 November 2022, the Council gave its final approval to a new EU regulation ensuring foreign subsidies granted by non-EU countries do not distort the internal market.

The new regulation enables the Commission to investigate subsidies granted by non-EU public authorities to companies operating in the EU. If it is found that subsidies are distortive, the Commission can apply measures to address this and avoid companies benefitting, for example, from zero-interest loans do not outbid EU competitors in mergers, acquisitions, or public procurement procedures.

Once adopted, the measures would be relevant for the medical technology Industry, as European companies are confronted with an uneven playing field in several third countries due to challenging access to the procurement markets, distortive subsidies, and lack of transparency.

For more information, please contact Dario Belluomini, Manager International Affairs.