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COVID-19: Medtech industry upholds commitment to protect lives amidst pandemic

Posted on 06.05.2020

With many countries beginning to apply deconfinement measures, the medical technology industry renews its commitment to provide medical devices and IVD tests that are vital in this new phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our industry will remain at the forefront in delivering diagnostic tests to detect the virus in the body or to determine the immunity level of a person, in providing personal protective equipment, such as masks, gloves and gowns, to protecting healthcare professionals and citizens and to provide a wide range of devices that are needed in intensive care units to treat people severely infected people with the virus.

Our companies have been scaling up production as much as possible to meet the high demand for medical supplies needed to manage the pandemic. Production facilities are running maximum shifts, whilst workers practice social distancing and respect maximum hygiene standards in the manufacturing sites. At the same time, supply chains around the globe are being secured and strengthened as much as possible so that all materials, components and accessories are available. In a combined effort, we are mobilising everything we can to help protecting the lives of people that become infected and protect those who care for them.

In response to an initiative of the European Patient Forum, we have expressed our commitment towards our patient communities that live with chronic conditions, and underlined that our members do their utmost to continue delivering also non-COVID19 technologies and services that are needed in chronic care and self-management. If you are interested please read here.

You will find many more information that MedTech Europe has published in relation to COVID-19 on our webpage where we have a dedicated COVID-19 information hub.