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Conference Vetting System (CVS) 2.0 – A Technological Leap Forward

Posted on 04.07.2024

Scheduled for launch after summer 2024, the upcoming CVS 2.0 platform represents a significant advancement in the Conference Vetting process. This system is being tailored to ensure a more intuitive interface and streamline communication.  

This new platform will feature a more comprehensive questionnaire for submitters. This improvement is designed to also provide clear guidance on the submission process. By answering additional targeted questions, submitters will have a clearer understanding of the requirements, significantly reducing the need for subsequent clarification and correspondence with the Compliance Officer. 

This proactive approach is aimed at fostering a smoother, more efficient experience. It is a step forward in making the CVS as user-friendly and effective as possible. 

Pilot Phase: Navigating New Horizons 

CVS 2.0 will be introduced as a pilot which will take place during the summer, focusing on a selected number of events. Thank you to the volunteers who have accepted to take part of this pilot, which will allow us to test and fine-tune the platform.  

There may be some initial teething issues, but rest assured, these will be addressed with diligence. Your patience and feedback will be crucial to achieve a seamless transition. 

For more information, please contact Dhana Ong, CVS Compliance Officer.