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European MedTech Week 2016, a resounding success

Posted on 05.07.2016


European MedTech Week 2016, a resounding success – Coming together to discuss the role of medtech in addressing tomorrow’s healthcare needs!

For the second year running, European MedTech Week took place in June 2016 to raise awareness about the role of medical technologies in saving and improving lives.

Over 40 medtech companies and national associations invited patients, professionals and decision-makers in 19 EU countries to debates on core topics of importance to them, including value-based procurement, anti-microbial resistance, improving management of chronic conditions and many more.

Activities and debates took place across Europe: In Belgium, national association Be MedTech held a seminar with the country’s Ministries of Health and Innovation to discuss digital health.

In Germany, France, the UK and Italy, companies opened their manufacturing sites to children, journalists and decision-makers to discuss the impact of new European regulations on SMEs. The Irish Medical Devices Association (IMDA), along with their Portuguese (Apormed) and Greek (SEIV) counterparts ran awareness campaigns on radio, television and social media platforms. These and many more activities contributed to making European MedTech Week a great accomplishment for all stakeholders!

This year,  nearly 15 healthcare professionals and patients shared their perspectives on the essential role medtech plays not only for individuals but also for healthcare. The testimonials echo the importance of placing the patient at the centre of care. All interviews are available on the MedTech Week website.

Furthermore, we will be publishing the MedTech Week Magazine in autumn 2016. The Magazine will provide country snapshots of members’ activities, key highlights of initiatives and testimonials from professionals and patients! Electronic and hard copies will be disseminated amongst national and European policymakers. So watch this space!

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