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Forthcoming EU legislation on AI

Posted on 01.04.2021

The Brussels AI bubble is abuzz with anticipation of the Commission’s legislative proposal on AI that is expected in the month of April. On 25 March, MedTech Europe joined a healthcare panel at Forum Europe’s 3rd Annual Artificial Intelligence conference, held this year with the tagline “Artificial Intelligence: Delivering AI with impact in Europe”. A speaker from the European Commission was complemented by researchers and practitioners of AI.

Michael Strübin, Digital Health Director at MedTech Europe, highlighted the potential of AI in healthcare that could save every year 400,000 lives, 200 billion euros, and free up labour that would equal the work time of 500,000 healthcare professionals (source: The socio-economic impact of AI in healthcare ). However, this potential can only be realised if some critical barriers are addressed, including data, regulation, financial and social challenges. The session led to lively engagement with the audience and can be watched on YouTube.

For more information please, contact Michael Strübin ([email protected]).