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Health data governance discussions in the EU Member States

Posted on 01.07.2020

The Commission’s data strategy for Europe and the European approach for Europe have laid down an ambitious programme for making better use of health data to benefit European patients and citizens. But it will depend on the national health systems of the 27 Member States where patients’ and citizens’ health data are being collected. The Member States contribute to European digital health decision making through the eHealth Network of the national health authorities, and the eHAction project, the network of national eHealth competence centres. Between 23 and 25 June 2020, MedTech Europe participated as a stakeholder in eHAction workshops on “Common governance principles for the re-use of health data”. The chairs and vice-chairs of the Data Protection Committee and the Working Groups on AI and Data, Cybersecurity and Interoperability delivered short pitches with industry views and contributed to the eHAction recommendations that will be shared with the eHealth Network.

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